DirectLink Merchant


DirectLink Merchant helps you save time by transmitting check images instantly to Bank of Bourbonnais for deposit into your Business Account.



Checks can be scanned at your office to create a digital image, which you send to the bank over a secure encrypted internet connection.



We receive the file and credit the deposit to your business account without you ever having to leave your office.



DirectLink Merchant Benefits:

  • Online access to check images – no need to photocopy checks before depositing them.
  • Extends deposit cut-off times for same-day credit, improving availability.
  • Ability to export data directly into your business accounts receivable system.
  • Faster clearing and notification of returned items, improving cash flow.
  • Better administrative controls, including the ability to define user roles, reset passwords and instantly add or delete users.
  • Ability to see deposits from multiple users regardless of their physical location.

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You can scan checks and transmit images to Bank of Bourbonnais for posting and clearing using:

  • Computer with broadband Internet connection
  • Bank of Bourbonnais scanner

Enjoy the convenience and cost savings of DirectLink Merchant.

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